Moretti Vs Madri

With Moretti and Madri becoming a staple beer in pubs and bars across the UK, you may wonder what the difference between these two beers is and which one is the better beer for your particular palate. In this post, we will compare Moretti and Madri in terms of flavor, ABV (Alcohol By Volume), calories, and more. First, here’s a quick summary of the key differences between these two beers.

Moretti is a medium-bodied Italian lager with a pronounced malty flavor and a gentle bitterness. In contrast, Madri is a modern European lager with a similarly smooth medium body but is distinguished by its grainy and malty aroma. Both beers have an alcohol content of 4.6% ABV. As for calories, Moretti contains 134 calories per 330ml serving, while Madri has slightly more at 144 calories. Between the two, Madri may be perceived as more refreshing, whereas Moretti offers a bolder flavor.

Now that you know the key information, let’s dive a little deeper into the difference between these two beers and answer the important question: Which one is better?

Moretti Vs Madri: Flavor

In our previous comparison between Moretti and Peroni, we highlighted Moretti’s distinct malty richness and subtle grassy and cereal undertones. This beer boasts a gentle hop bitterness that balances the malty tones, culminating in a smooth, medium-bodied lager.

Madri (Madri Exceptional) shares some of these characteristics with Moretti, particularly the malty flavors and the medium-bodied mouthfeel. However, it differentiates itself with a higher level of carbonation and a smoother, crisper finish.

A picture of a Pint Of Madri Beer And A Half Pint Of Madri Beer
Madri Exceptional Beer

This added fizziness and reduced bitterness make Madri potentially more refreshing or “drinkable” for some. Yet, for those who lean towards a beer with a stronger, more pronounced flavor, Moretti would be the preferable choice.

Moretti Vs Madri: Alcohol (ABV)

Both Moretti and Madri have an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 4.6%. This is on par with other mainstream lagers that usually fall between the 4-5% range.

Moretti Vs Madri: Calories

Moretti has 134 calories per 330ml (the standard EU/UK bottle size), whereas Madri has 144 calories per 330ml. As you can see, there is very little difference in terms of calories between these two beers.

A Pint Of Moretti
Birra Moretti

What Do Other People Think About Moretti And Madri?

Beer reviewers on Untappd give Moretti an average score of 3.16 and Madri Excepcional an average of 3.26 out of five. As you can see, Madri is the slightly more popular beer of the two, with many reviewers noting Madri’s refreshing taste as the reason for their enjoyment.

Moretti Vs Madri: Which One Is The Better Beer?

When it comes to which beer is better, it obviously depends on one’s personal taste. As we mentioned above, Moretti is the more flavorsome beer, whereas Madri is the more drinkable beer. So, for those who like to have a stronger-tasting lager, Moretti is the best, but for those who like a more refreshing, drinkable lager, Madri is the one to go for. Personally, I side with the reviewers above. Having tried both beers, I enjoy Madri more, especially on a hot day.