A can of Shiner Rode0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

Shiner’s New Non-Alcoholic Beer Shiner Rode0

The historic K. Spoetzl Brewery, renowned for its Shiner Bock, has announced an exciting addition to its lineup: the Shiner Rode0, a non-alcoholic beer series. This series begins with the launch of Rode0 Golden Brew, a timely entry for those participating in Dry January in a couple of months.

According to a press release on November 20, 2023, Rode0 Golden Brew will have less than 0.5% ABV and will be styled after a classic American lager. It promises a light and refreshing experience, blending crisp, malty notes with a subtle hop profile. True to Shiner’s legacy, this non-alcoholic brew retains the signature taste and aroma for which the brand is celebrated.

This launch comes amidst a significant rise in non-alcoholic beer sales, which soared by over 17% in Texas and 23% nationwide in 2023, according to market data from IRI (as of July 16, 2023). Recognizing this growing market demand, Shiner has crafted the Rode0 line to offer a full range of non-alcoholic craft brews. The series will expand in 2024, starting with a red amber non-alcoholic beer.

Tom Fiorenzi, Director of Brewery & Distillery Operations, emphasized the brewery’s response to consumer demand. “Fans of Shiner have consistently requested non-alcoholic options. We’re excited to offer the first of three non-alcoholic brews that maintain our brewing heritage,” Fiorenzi stated.

The launch of the non-alcoholic line is part of Shiner’s broader innovation strategy. Recent ventures include the TexHex IPA series, featuring cactus water, and the opening of the K. Spoetzl Distillery, offering craft spirits and public tours.

The K. Spoetzl Brewery, established in 1909 by Czech and German immigrants in Shiner, Texas, has grown into one of the largest independent craft brewers in the U.S. Today, Shiner beers are available across the nation and globally. The recent addition of the K. Spoetzl Distillery further expands the brand’s offerings.