Coors Light vs Michelob Ultra: Comparing Two Of The Best Light Lagers

If, like me, you love beer but want to watch your calories, then choosing a light beer is a good way to go. Two of the best light beers are Coors Light and Michelob Ultra. In this post, we will be comparing Coors Light and Michelob Ultra in terms of calories, carbs, ABV, taste, and ingredients, and will try to answer the important question: Which is the better light beer? First, here’s a table showing the key information for these two light beers.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Key Information

FeatureCoors LightMichelob Ultra
Beer StyleLight American LagerLight American Lager
Alcohol Content4.2% ABV4.2% ABV
Calories (Per 12 oz)10295
Carbs (Per 12 oz)5g2.6g
IngredientsHops, malt, water, corn adjunctHops, malt, water, rice adjunct
Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra

As you can see, both Coors Light and Michelob Ultra are light beers with the same ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 4.2%. The main difference between these two beers is the amount of carbs and calories they have. Michelob Ultra has fewer carbs (2.6g) and calories (95 kcal) per 12 oz serving compared to Coors Light (5g / 102 kcal).

So, if you’re trying to choose between Coors Light and Michelob Ultra, and want the beer with the fewest calories and carbs, Michelob Ultra is the one to go for. Of course, there are more things to consider when choosing one of these beers. Keep reading to find out more about how these two popular light beers compare.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: History

Coors Light has perhaps the richest history among light beers in the United States. While this light beer was not the first to hit the market officially, Coors was one of the first brands to explore light variants of their flagship beer.

The original idea of a Coors beer lighter in body and calories was in the 1940s, about 30 years before light beers became a thing in the United States. However, light Coors beer in the 1940s could not have any real success because of the Second World War. Moreover, the lack of a ready market meant the brand wasn’t keen on re-exploring light beers after the war ended. This would change in the late 1970s, though.

After the success of Miller Lite, many major brands jumped on the light beer bandwagon, and Coors was no exception. They officially introduced Coors Light in 1978, with the beer dubbed “Silver Bullet.”

Like the Coors brand, the Michelob brand has a lot of history, being one of the first beers in the United States. Michelob’s first light beer was Michelob Light, which AB InBev introduced in 1986. This beer did not take off as expected, and in 2002, Michelob Ultra was called upon to save the light line of the brand.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Taste

These beers are two of the lightest-tasting beers on the market. Even among other light beers, Coors Light and Michelob Ultra are perceived as very light. However, while the taste is not very prominent, both beers have their distinct tastes.

Michelob Ultra has a general citrusy taste with very light hints of malt. Coors Light has a vague malty and hay-like taste, like carbonated water with hints of beer water. Neither of the beers is particularly sweet nor has any lasting aftertaste. However, Coors Light has slightly bitter and sour notes when you drink it.

Another difference between the two beers is in the adjuncts they use. Coors Light uses corn adjunct, while Michelob Ultra uses rice adjunct. The impact of these adjuncts on the eventual taste of the respective beers is insignificant, and you can barely discern the taste of the respective adjuncts.

Deciding which of these beers has the better taste is tricky as they aren’t the most flavorful of beers, but I still think Michelob Ultra is the better beer in this regard.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Calories

Michelob Ultra has 95 calories per 12 oz can/bottle, while Coors Light has 102 calories. This is expected, considering Michelob Ultra is one of the healthiest beers on the market today and is marketed as such. For all of the lightness in the taste of Coors Light, it is higher in calories than I would imagine, though it still has fewer calories than most other light beers.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Carbs

Per 12 oz serving, Michelob Ultra has 2.6g of carbs, and Coors Light has 5g. With half as many carbs compared to Coors Light, Michelob Ultra is the clear winner for those looking for a low-carb beer.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Alcohol Content

Both Coors Light and Michelob Ultra have 4.2% ABV. This is quite surprising, considering the low calories in these two beers. Most light beers are able to achieve such low calories by lowering the alcohol content of the beer. Coors Light and Michelob Ultra, however, have managed to keep the alcohol content relatively high while keeping the calories down.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Ingredients

Both beers are light lagers, using the same principles and techniques during fermentation. They have the same basic ingredients: hops, malt, and water. The major difference between the two beers regarding ingredients is the adjuncts they use. Coors Light goes with corn, while Michelob Ultra uses rice.

Coors Light vs. Michelob Ultra: Which Is The Better Beer?

Now, the important question: Which is the better beer, Coors Light or Michelob Ultra? As light lagers, both these beers lack the full flavor you get in a typical lager and, in fact, are largely flavorless. However, of the two, I find Michelob Ultra to be the more pleasant one to drink. The fact that Michelob Ultra is also the lighter of the beers with fewer calories and carbs is a bonus!

Obviously, which beer is the best is subjective. Which one do you think is the better light beer? Coors Light or Michelob Ultra? Let us know in the comments below!