Beers Like Asahi Super Dry

10 Crisp Beers Like Asahi Super Dry

If, like me, you love the clean, crisp, and refreshing taste of Asahi Super Dry, then chances are you want to find more beers like Asahi. Originating from Japan, Asahi Super Dry is famed for its crisp, refreshing taste and crystal-clear appearance. Its unique dry brewing process gives it a distinctive lightness and an absence of aftertaste that many beer enthusiasts around the world have come to cherish. So, what beers are like Asahi? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer. But first, let’s look at what Asahi Super Dry Is like.

What Is Asahi Super Dry Like?

Asahi Super Dry is a dry lager (or karakuchi beer in Japanese) characterized by its clean, crisp, and refreshing taste. Being a dry lager, it lacks the sweetness sometimes present in other beers. The flavor profile is subtle, with hints of grain and rice.

A can of Asahi Super Dry

In terms of mouthfeel, Asahi Super Dry is light-bodied with sharp carbonation and a dry finish. This dryness is a result of the specific fermentation process Asahi uses, aiming to remove as much sugar from the beer as possible. At 5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume), Asahi Super Dry is typical of most Japanese Lagers.

What Beers Are Like Asahi Super Dry?

Now you know what this beer is like, here are 10 beers like Asahi you are sure to enjoy just as much. Most of these are also Japanese lagers, with a few from other parts of Asia, including China, Thailand, and Singapore.

1. Kirin Ichiban

Kirin Ichiban is another flagship product from Japan’s illustrious brewing scene. Like Asahi Super Dry, Kirin Ichiban is brewed using a first press method, meaning only the first press of the wort is used, which results in a clean, crisp flavor. The beer carries a light and refreshing taste, and its slightly sweet malt character aligns well with the characteristic profile of a dry beer.

A bottle Of Kirin Beer

2. Sapporo Premium Beer

As one of the oldest and most recognized beer brands in Japan, Sapporo Premium Beer offers a golden hue and a crisp, refreshing palate. Its balanced malt flavor and light hop bitterness give it a character that fans of Asahi Super Dry would certainly appreciate.

A can of Sapporo Beer

3. Suntory Premium Malts

Hailing from the beverage giant Suntory, this lager boasts a harmonious blend of select grains and hops. Like Asahi Super Dry, it offers a clear, bright taste and a clean finish. Its fine carbonation adds to the refreshing mouthfeel.

A can of Suntory Premium Malts Beer

4. Orion Premium Draft Beer

Originating from Okinawa, Orion is a bit lesser known internationally but is a favorite among locals. It possesses a light, crisp profile with a slightly sweet undertone, making it a delightful companion to Asahi Super Dry aficionados.

A bottle or Orion Beer

5. Ebisu Premium Lager

Ebisu is Sapporo’s premium brand, and it presents a rich, full-bodied flavor while maintaining that desired crispness. Although slightly maltier than Asahi Super Dry, its sophisticated flavor profile would resonate well with Asahi lovers.

A can of Ebisu Premium Lager

6. Coedo Ruri

While Coedo Brewery produces a range of craft beers, Coedo Ruri, their lager, stands out with its clarity and refreshing finish. It carries a balanced bitterness, which makes it a worthy Japanese counterpart to Asahi Super Dry.

A can of Coedo Ruri

7. Tsingtao Lager

Moving slightly westward to China, Tsingtao Lager is another Asian beer that shares attributes with Asahi Super Dry. Brewed in the German tradition due to its historical German ties, this beer has a light, crisp finish, making it familiar to Asahi enthusiasts.

A bottle of Tsingtao Lager

8. Singha Lager

This Thai classic offers a light, golden pour with a balanced flavor profile. Singha Lager’s clean finish and light maltiness draw parallels with the refreshing character of Asahi Super Dry.

A bottle of Singha Lager

9. Tiger Beer

Out of Singapore, Tiger Beer is a pale lager with a crisp, clear finish. Its balance of malt and hops creates a taste that’s refreshing and reminiscent of the dryness found in Asahi Super Dry.

A bottle Of Tiger Beer

10. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Hailing from the Philippines, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is light with a slight hop bitterness. Its clean and crisp profile, matched with its iconic taste, can appeal to those who enjoy the smoothness of Asahi Super Dry.

A bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen


What Is A Dry Beer?

A dry beer refers to a beer that has minimal residual sugars left after the fermentation process. This results in a beer that is less sweet, leading to a crisp and clean finish on the palate. The term “dry” in brewing signifies that the yeast has consumed most of the fermentable sugars, leaving very little behind.

What is the difference between dry and super dry beer?

While both “dry” and “super dry” beers have reduced sugar content, the term “super dry” often indicates an even crisper finish with almost no lingering sweetness. It’s more of a marketing term than a technical brewing distinction. “Super dry” beers, like Asahi Super Dry, tend to be very refreshing and highly carbonated, making them especially popular in warmer climates or as a complement to food.

Where is Asahi Beer From?

Asahi Beer originates from Japan. It’s one of the country’s leading beer brands and is produced by Asahi Breweries Ltd. The company was founded in Osaka in 1889, and Asahi Super Dry, in particular, was introduced to the market in 1987.

How does dry beer pair with food?

Dry beers, due to their crisp finish, pair exceptionally well with a variety of dishes. Their refreshing nature can cleanse the palate between bites, making them ideal companions to rich, spicy, or umami-heavy foods. This is one reason dry beers are popular choices to accompany sushi, grilled meats, and fried foods.

Does Asahi Super Dry contain rice?

Yes, Asahi Super Dry is brewed using rice, along with barley malt, hops, yeast, and water. Rice helps achieve the beer’s characteristic lightness and crisp finish.

How Many Calories Are In Asahi Super Dry?

Asahi Super Dry is a relatively low-calorie beer due to the fact that it is a ‘dry beer’, which is less sweet with less sugars. Here are the calories in Asahi Super Dry based on standard serving sizes:

330 ml (standard can): Approximately 141 calories
355 ml (12 oz, typical serving size in the U.S.): Approximately 149 calories
500 ml (pint or large can): Approximately 214 calories

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoy trying these beers as much as I have! While Asahi Super Dry is a fantastic Japanese beer, there are many similar beers out there to try. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself one of these crisp and refreshing alternatives. Cheers!