Blue Moon’s Belgian White is a Belgian-style witbier from Golden Colorado. It’s often seen as the gateway witbier and leaves beer drinkers wanting to try some other versions of the style too. If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered. 

Below you’ll find a list of comparable Belgian (style) witbiers, some with orange notes, in case you want to stay as close to Blue Moon’s Belgian White as possible. Apart from the flavor, we’ll also have a look at the ABVs, IBUs, calories, and more. 

What tastes similar to this surprisingly orangey beer? (Yes, that’s me)

About Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White (5.4% ABV) is a Belgian-style wheat ale made with oats and wheat, in addition to the usual barley and hop (extract) that is expected from beer. As is typical for a witbier, Blue Moon Belgian White has tasting notes of orange and coriander and is slightly lighter in flavor than its counterparts. The beer has an ABV of 5.4%, an IBU of 9, and 168 calories per 12 fl. oz. 

1. New Belgium Fat Tire Belgian White

First on our list is New Belgium’s Fat Tire Belgian White. Let’s start with the basics; this beer has an ABV 5.2%, which is slightly lower than Blue Moon, and an IBU of 12. In terms of calories, this beer has a few more; 179 per 12 fl. oz, compared to Blue Moon’s 168. 

Although the numbers between these two beers slightly vary, many agree this is the perfect replacement for Blue Moon, as they taste so similar. This is, of course, unsurprising, as both beers are the same style with similar ingredients. Both beers have orange and coriander as their tasting notes, although New Belgium uses Seville oranges, whereas Blue Moon’s are Valencian. 

The smell and flavor of this beer are light but still wheaty. Along with the coriander and orange, it is also slightly hoppy and peppery. Overall, a very easy-to-drink beer with a cloudy appearance. 

2. Ommegang Witte

Brewed in Cooperstown, NY, this beer was launched relatively recently, in 2004. It is also flavored with orange and coriander and has aromas of citrus and clove. This beer is a little more tart than Blue Moon and perhaps a little lighter on the coriander as well. 

Still, it is a great replacement for Blue Moon’s Belgian White. Not just because of its similar tasting notes, hazy appearance, and straw color but also in terms of ABV and calories. Ommegang Witte has an ABV of 5.2% and 11 IBU, compared to Blue Moon’s 5.4% and 9 IBU. It also helps that this beer is slightly lower in calories (it has 150) and is available year-round. So, if you like this beer, you can enjoy it whenever you feel like it. 

3. Avery White Rascal

Brewed by the Avery Brewing Company, Rascal is this brewery’s flagship beer. 

It stays true to the Belgian roots by using the same ingredients as the 15th-century brewers from Hoegaarden did. 

As a result,  this is another unfiltered beer spiced with coriander and the more traditional Cuaçao orange peel and is just a great example of what a Belgian Style Witbier should taste like. 

However, when we compare IBU’s, we see that Avery White Rascal is significantly more bitter than Blue Moon. The latter only has 9, whereas Avery’s has 22. Clearly, this beer is for those that enjoy the wheaty, citrussy flavor but also enjoy something a little more intense. 

Some argue this is an overall better beer than Blue Moon’s Belgian White, which is unsurprising, considering it won the silver medal in the Belgian Witbier category at the World Beer Cup in 2018. Camden Gentleman’s Wit won gold, but because its different tasting notes (bergamot and lemon zest) are not discussed in this post. 

4. Allagash White

With an ABV of 5.1% ABV,180 calories per 12 fl. oz, and tasting notes of coriander and orange, Allagash White certainly is comparable to Blue Moon. However, this beer is, again, slightly more bitter than Blue Moon’s, with an IBU of 13. 

This beer is brewed in Portland, Maine, and is very much loved within the beer community. In fact, it is rated 99/100 on and is the top ranking witbier made in the US, according to BeerAdvocate’s ranking. 

Surely, with its pale copper color, and fluffy white head, this beer is one that you should try.

5. Hoegaarden

No post about Belgian (style) beers is complete without mentioning Hoegaarden, the original Belgian wheat beer. However, this one is one you should try if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous. Although it is also spiced with orange peel and coriander, this beer also has floral notes from chamomile and is definitely lighter on the orange compared to Blue Moon. It also has a higher IBU; 15. Don’t let this higher IBU fool you, though. Hoegaarden still is a very light and refreshing beer.

Although there are some differences between these two beers, Hoegaarden is absolutely worth giving a try if you know you like witbier or enjoy drinking Blue Moon. After all, this beer won gold in the 2016 World Beer Awards and bronze in the 2018 one. 

6. Unibroue Blanche de Chambly

Next on our list is neither a Belgian nor an American beer; Unibroue Blanche de Chambly is brewed in Quebec.

It is comparable in bitterness with Blue Moon, as it has an IBU of 10, as well as the tasting notes; orange peel and coriander, along with yeasty bread. Additionally, it is slightly lower in ABV, at 5%. 

Note that this beer is for those who enjoy a heavier beer, as it is medium-bodied and has a slightly darker appearance than Blue Moon. 

Unfortunately, this beer is slightly more difficult to find, yet still worth the hunt. After all, it has won over 34 international awards. So, if you’re looking for “The World’s Best White Beer,” bottle shops and beer-focused bars are your best bet. 

7. Shock Top Belgian White

Next on our list is not a craft beer, but a commercial one instead. Shock Top is Anheuser-Busch’s version of a Belgian-style white beer, which was released in 2006. Initially, it was only supposed to be seasonal and was called Spring Heat Spiced Wheat. However, after it won both the 2006 and 2007 North American Beer Awards, Anheuser-Busch decided to make this a regular offering instead. 

If we’re looking at numbers alone, Shock Top is definitely similar to Blue Moon, with an ABV of 5.2%, 167 calories, and 13 IBU. 

In terms of flavor, Shock Top certainly is more citrussy, which is unsurprising, considering three different peels are used in the brewing process; orange, lemon, and lime. 

8. Bell’s Brewery Bright White

This beer is brewed in Michigan and is one for those who want the same style and similar tasting notes as Blue Moon but are also willing to be a bit more adventurous. With an ABV of 5% and 153, it is certainly similar to Blue Moon, as well as the tasting notes of orange.

However, Bell’s Bright White also adds a noticeable taste of cloves and a hint of florals. 

Apart from the tasting notes, this beer is also more yeasty, hazy, and carbonated than Blue Moon and its above-mentioned counterparts. 

Still, it is a refreshing brew that you can enjoy during the winter months. 

9. Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat is brewed by the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company and is a beer that has received many awards, including a 2006 bronze award at the World Beer Cup. Apart from the usual notes of orange and coriander, this beer also has quite prominent notes of blueberry. The result is a very fruity beer that is in the same style as Blue Moon but also adds something a little more unexpected.  

In terms of numbers, it is slightly lower in alcohol percentage than Blue Moon, with an ABV of 4.9% and 3 fewer calories per 12 fl. oz. 

If you do find yourself enjoying this beer, make sure you stock up, as it is only available in the months of August, September, and October.

10. Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

Then last on this list, we have another beer for those willing to stray from the orange flavor or interested in trying something lighter. Though it isn’t as orangy, it sticks to the citrus theme. However, instead of orange, 312 Urban Wheat Ale chooses to go with lemon instead. Additionally, this beer has an IBU of 18, making it more bitter than you would expect from Blue Moon. It is also slightly tart. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat won gold at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival.