Guinness Food Pairings

10 Guinness Food Pairings | 5 Classic and 5 Unusual Pairings For Stouts

Guinness, a world-renowned Irish stout, has been warming hearts and filling glasses for over two centuries. Stouts like Guinness have a rich, complex flavor profile that pairs incredibly well with a large variety of dishes. So, what food pairs well with Guinness?

Foods that pair well with Guinness include hearty, savory dishes like Irish stew, oysters, and fish and chips, as well as surprising choices such as spicy tacos and sushi. The rich, complex flavors and creamy texture of Guinness Stout make it a versatile companion for a wide range of traditional and unconventional foods.

Keep reading to see our our favorite foods that pair well with Guinness: 5 classic food pairings and 5 unusual ones you probably never realized taste so good with a frothy glass of the black stuff.

5 Classic Food Pairings for Guinness

If this is your first time deciding what food to eat with Guinness, then these classic dishes are a great place to start. These traditional food pairings perfectly complement the rich, complex flavors and creamy texture of Guinness, offering a dining experience that’s both satisfying and quintessentially Irish. For those feeling a little more adventurous, scroll down to see 5 more unusual Guinness food pairings that work surprisingly well.

1. Irish Stew

a picture of Irish Stew

Irish stew, traditionally made with lamb or mutton, root vegetables, and a hearty broth, is a comfort food that exudes warmth and satisfaction. The savory, meaty flavors of the stew mesh perfectly with the rich, creamy texture of Guinness, creating a harmonious blend that makes each bite and sip feel like a cozy embrace. Irish Stew Recipe.

2. Oysters

some oysters close up

Oysters and Guinness are a legendary pairing that dates back for centuries. The briny, salty taste of fresh oysters serves as an excellent counterpoint to the robust, malty sweetness of Guinness. This combination highlights the complexities of both the drink and the dish, offering a tasting experience that is both traditional and sophisticated. Learn how to cook oysters.

3. Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips close up

Fish and chips, a British classic, involves deep-fried fish fillets coated in a crispy batter served alongside thick-cut fries. The greasy, salty nature of the dish is excellently cut through by the refreshing bitterness and creamy mouthfeel of Guinness. This pairing creates a balance, making it easier to indulge in both the food and the stout without feeling overwhelmed. Classic fish and chips recipe.

4. Beef and Guinness Pie

A close up of a pie

Beef and Guinness pie is a savory pie filled with tender chunks of beef stewed in a Guinness-infused gravy. The richness of the beef and the umami of the gravy are elevated when paired with a stout like Guinness, whose dark, roasted flavors complement the deep, meaty tones of the pie in a manner that’s nothing short of culinary poetry. Steak and Guinness pie recipe.

5. Shepherd’s Pie

a shepherd's pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a hearty dish consisting of a layer of minced meat (often lamb or beef) and vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes. The earthy, meaty base contrasts wonderfully with the smooth, creamy mashed potatoes – much in the same way that the varying notes of a Guinness come to life. The malty undertones of the beer complement the savory meat, while the creamy head of the stout mirrors the mashed potatoes, making each mouthful a perfect blend of flavors and textures. Easy shepherd’s pie recipe.

5 Unusual Yet Delicious Food Pairings for Guinness

Feeling adventurous? If you’ve already tried the above classic food pairings, and looking for something a bit more unique, then read on to find 5 more Guinness food pairings that you may not have thought of.

1. Spicy Tacos

Some spicy tacos

Spicy tacos, filled with hot peppers and robust seasonings, might not seem like a natural partner for Guinness, but the pairing is surprisingly harmonious. The creaminess of the stout helps to temper the spiciness of the taco fillings, while the maltiness complements the complex spice blend. This surprising duo proves that Guinness can hold its own against even the most intense flavors.

2. Sushi

A plate of sushi

At first glance, sushi and Guinness may seem worlds apart, but they make for an unexpected yet delightful pairing. The fatty richness of fish like salmon or tuna balances the bitter, roasted notes of the stout, and the rice’s sweetness complements Guinness’s malty undertones. This East-meets-West combination offers a novel way to appreciate the complexities of both sushi and stout.

3. Dark Chocolate Desserts

Some dark chocolate desert close up

While not a traditional choice, dark chocolate desserts like brownies or chocolate lava cake are surprisingly compatible with Guinness. The dark, bittersweet flavors in both the chocolate and the stout resonate with each other, creating a richer-tasting experience. This pairing redefines what a dessert beer can be, elevating both the stout and the chocolate to new gastronomic heights.

4. Artisanal Cheese (e.g., Blue Cheese)

Some blue cheese close up

Cheese and beer pairings are often overlooked, but when done right, the results can be extraordinary. A pungent blue cheese, for example, finds an unlikely but sensational partner in Guinness. The stout’s smooth, creamy texture and complex flavors balance the sharp, tangy notes of the cheese, making for an unexpected pairing that’s sure to impress any foodie.

5. Exotic Meat (e.g., Kangaroo, Alligator)

Some raw meat close up

Venturing into the world of exotic meats, one might not think to reach for a pint of Guinness. However, the gamey flavors of meats like kangaroo or alligator find a comforting balance in the stout’s roasted, malty profile. The surprising combination turns an adventurous meal into a well-rounded experience, showing that Guinness has the versatility to complement an expansive range of culinary delights.

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