A closeup of a Thanksgiving Turkey With A Glass of beer in the foreground

Elevate Your Thanksgiving: 7 Perfect Beers to Pair with Turkey

There’s a reason Thanksgiving is often dubbed ‘Turkey Day’ – the bird is undeniably the star of the show. But imagine elevating the taste of turkey to new heights with the perfect beer by its side. Below, you’ll find 7 of the best beers that pair perfectly with turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. These beers not only complement the rich flavors of your turkey but also promise to make your Thanksgiving dinner extra special this year.

Best Beers To Pair With Turkey

1. Fat Tire Amber Ale

Fat Tire Amber Ale delivers a toasted malt flavor with subtle sweetness. Its biscuity undertones enhance the roasted turkey, and its malt backbone resonates well with roast potatoes and yams.

2. Newcastle Brown Ale

Originating from England, Newcastle Brown Ale boasts a nutty and caramel profile. Its malty richness complements the roasted character of turkey, while also pairing beautifully with earthy sides such as stuffing.

3. Anchor Porter

Hailing from San Francisco, Anchor Porter is deep and dark with flavors of roasted malts, cocoa, and coffee. This robust character matches the charred skin of the turkey and adds depth to roasted vegetables.

4. Allagash White

Allagash White is a Belgian-style wheat beer from Maine, celebrated for its citrusy and spicy notes. Its light, refreshing essence accentuates the turkey’s juiciness and offers a delightful contrast to cranberry sauce.

5. Saison Dupont

This Belgian farmhouse ale, Saison Dupont, is renowned for its peppery, fruity, and slightly tart profile. Perfect for highlighting the aromatic herbs in turkey and pairing harmoniously with salads or green beans.

6. Chimay Red

A classic Belgian Dubbel, Chimay Red, carries rich malty sweetness, dark fruit undertones, and a touch of spiciness. Its flavors amplify the turkey’s richness and complement the sweet and tart notes of cranberry sauce.

7. Raspberry Tart

From Wisconsin, Raspberry Tart is a fruit beer bursting with fresh raspberries’ sweetness and acidity. This beer provides a pleasant contrast to the savory flavors of turkey and is a fantastic companion for desserts or dishes with cranberries.

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