Beers Like Corona

The Best Refreshing Beers Like Corona Extra

Corona Extra is often hailed as the quintessential ‘Mexican lager’ or ‘Mexican-style lager’, though its official classification is a pale lager. Distinguished by its light, crisp essence, and refreshingly smooth, well-carbonated finish, it’s no wonder that this lager is one of the world’s favorite beers. Its easy drinkability makes it a top pick for those looking for a refreshing beer, especially under the blazing sun on a scorching day. If, like me, you love Corona beer but want to try some alternatives, then check out this list of beers like Corona Extra.

Best Beers Like Corona Extra

Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial is a rich, full-flavored pilsner beer that has a crisp, refreshing taste. Brewed with golden barley and choice hops, it mirrors the light, clear characteristics of Corona Extra. Often served with a slice of lime, it’s a popular choice for those who appreciate a balance between smoothness and bite.

A bottle of Modelo Beer


Named after the city of its birth, Tecate is a light golden beer that offers a balanced and subtle malt flavor paired with a crisp hop bitterness. Its refreshing quality and smooth finish make it closely reminiscent of the feel one gets when sipping a Corona Extra.

A can of Tecate

Pacifico Clara

Originating from the coastal city of Mazatlán, Pacifico Clara, or simply Pacifico, is a golden, clear lager with a refreshing taste. Its crisp finish and light body make it an excellent companion to a sunny beach day, much like Corona Extra. It’s especially popular amongst surfers and seaside lovers.

A bottle Of Pacifico Clara


Sol, which translates to ‘Sun’, is a bright and effervescent beer that embodies the spirit of the Mexican sun. With a light body and sparkling clarity, it’s a perfect drink for those seeking the same refreshing experience provided by Corona Extra.

A bottle of Sol

Dos Equis XX Lager Especial

Known for its intriguing campaigns and iconic logo, Dos Equis XX Lager Especial provides a crisp and malty taste. Its light-to-medium body and slight hop bitterness parallel the enjoyable simplicity of Corona Extra, making it a favored choice among many beer enthusiasts.

A bottle of Dos Equis


Brahma is one of Brazil’s most renowned beers and is known for its smooth and mildly malty flavor. A light-bodied lager with a golden hue, Brahma offers a refreshing, crisp taste similar to that of Corona Extra.

Brahma Beer bottles

Popular in South America and growing in recognition worldwide, Brahma is a fantastic example of Latin America’s contribution to the world of light and enjoyable beers. Its easy drinkability makes it a favorite among those who are fond of beers like Corona Extra.


Victoria is Mexico’s oldest beer brand, boasting a tradition of excellence. With a clear amber hue and a refined taste, it’s a slightly maltier alternative to Corona Extra but still retains that light, refreshing quality that many seek in a clear Mexican lager.

A bottle of Victoria beer

Estrella Jalisco

Hailing from the state of Jalisco, this beer is a bright, golden pilsner with a refreshing crispness. The light and bubbly nature of Estrella Jalisco captures the essence of Corona Extra’s drinkability, making it ideal for sunny outdoor gatherings.

A bottle of Estrella Jalisco

Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca, which translates to “White Card”, is one of Mexico’s classic beers. It’s known for its light and easy-drinking profile. Its balanced flavors and clean finish position it as a beer that fans of Corona Extra will undoubtedly appreciate.

A bottle of Carta Blanca

Bohemia Clásica

Bohemia Clásica is a premium pilsner-style beer from Mexico. Its unique combination of light bitterness and aromatic notes give it a distinct taste. While it offers a bit more depth compared to Corona Extra, its light body and clarity keep it in the same family of refreshing beers.

A bottle of Bohemia Clásica


Venturing out of Mexico and into the Dominican Republic, Presidente is a celebrated Caribbean pilsner. It boasts a crystal-clear appearance and a light, crisp taste. Its refreshing profile makes it a great stand-in for those who enjoy the breezy feel of a Corona Extra.

A bottle of Presidente Beer