Corona Premier only launched in 2018, but the beer is fast making a solid name for itself in the light beer market. Given that Corona had another light beer before introducing Corona Premier into the market, many wonder if it tastes good enough to even bother drinking at all. We will answer that in this detailed review about the beer. First, let’s give a brief overview of the beer.

Corona Premier is a light American lager with an alcohol content of 4.0%. The beer is a balanced beer with a crisp and dry finish. It has a refreshing citrusy and honey flavor with malt notes. Corona Premier does not have a bitter aftertaste, and many drinkers actually consider the beer sweet.

While this answer outlines key details of Corona Premier, it does not tell the full story about the beer. For a complete understanding of how the beer tastes and if it’s any good, we will consider the beer’s flavor profile, mouthfeel, smell, and appearance. We will also consider the best ways to maximize the beer’s taste, and what other beer consumers say about the beer. Keep reading!


Corona Premier is the lightest of all Corona beers, which is well-reflected in beer flavor. I can describe Corona Premier’s flavor as fruity and with slight notes of malt and corn. Although there’s really not much to the taste, it still tends toward sweet corn.

While the beer is more refreshing than its counterparts in the Corona brand, it still has some slight hoppy notes. These don’t last long at all, though. Furthermore, this beer virtually has non-existent bitterness. This is expected, considering the company released it as an even lighter alternative to Corona Light, which already has little to no bitterness. There is also no bitter aftertaste with Corona Premier. If anything, the beer has a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The beer is also very low in beer character, which is a description of how the various features and properties of the beer affect its ultimate tasting experience. Beers with high beer character typically have intense flavors, high alcohol content, high carbonation, and high bitterness. On the other hand, beers with low character have low values for all these parameters. That said, Corona Premier is as low in character as any alcoholic beer you would drink.


Corona Premier is the most refreshing of all Corona beers, with a crisp and clean finish. The carbonation of the beer is suited towards a refreshing feel too. Some people who have taken the beer have likened the beer to water, which I believe is a little over the top, but suggest to you what the beer would feel like.

The alcohol content is 4.0%, which is lower than many of the significant light beers in the industry today. The implication of this is that Corona Premier has excellent drinkability.


Generally, Corona beers are not the strongest in the aroma department. Nevertheless, Corona Premier has subtle fruity and malty notes, accompanying the smell of freshly cut hay or wet cardboard. You will hardly smell a thing, though, under normal drinking conditions.

Many Corona fans like to add lime to their beers. If you do this with Corona Premier, the lime flavor will dominate.


Corona Premier has a medium yellow to golden appearance when poured with a small white head. The color is not particularly different from other Corona beers.

The real difference in the beers is their beer container. While all three use transparent bottles, Corona Premier has a silver bottle cap, silver-themed label, and can. When Corona Extra debuted in 1925, it came in a clear bottle to show off its golden-colored beer. This practice also applied to Corona Premier.

Some consumers of the Corona beers report some skunkiness after long exposure to sunlight. There are not many complaints about Corona Premier, though, possibly because it contains fewer hops than the other Corona beers and skunkiness results from chemical reactions between the sun and beer hops.

Why Does Corona Premier Taste Like This?

Corona Premier is one of the most refreshing light beers on the market today and is certainly the lightest offering among the Corona beer lineup. The beer is made with our major ingredients, as contained on its official website. These include water, hops, barley malt, and non-malted cereals. We will consider the impact of each of these on the taste of the beer below.


Beer is about 90 to 95% water, and this underlines how important water is in the manufacturing process. While some beer brands use water from a specific location or water mixed with certain minerals, Corona Premier uses pure, filtered water.

The amount of water in beer can influence the drinkability and refreshing status of the beer. For light beers, more water is used. For even lighter than light beers, like Corona Premier, it is expected that even more water is used than in regular light beers, like Corona Light.

Barley Malt

Malt contributes the sugars that yeast use to produce alcohol, and barley is the commonest grain used as malt for beers. Barley malt contributes to the flavor, aroma, appearance, and body of the beer. Corona Premier is not a sweet beer and wouldn’t use high amounts of malted barley in manufacturing. To buttress that point, the beer has only 4% alcohol content, and this low level of alcohol is best achieved with limited sugars and shorter fermentation processes.


In beer production, hops help balance the taste of the beer. Without them, the beer’s final taste would be sweet because of the sugars from the malt. There are different hop blends and variants, and Corona Premier likely uses the Galena hops species. However, as there’s not much sweetness to balance anyway, the beer doesn’t use many hops.

Non-malted Cereals

These are also known as adjuncts, which are grains other than barley that augment the flavor and texture of the beer. Rice and corn are the two most typical grains used in American lagers, and for Corona Premier, corn adjunct is used.

While corn helps lighten the beer and make it crispier, it can also make a high unwanted presence in the beer’s flavor. Also, because of its low price, many top brands look down on it.

These ingredients are relatively standard for light American lagers, which is partially what creates the taste and appearance. If you’re looking for more information on why Corona Premier is considered a light lager, have a look here: What Kind Of Beer Is Corona Premier? (Explained)

What Is The Best Way To Enjoy Corona Premier?

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to see a Corona beer advertisement without a lime wedge. This is not just a baseless practice, as lime perfectly complements Corona Light and Corona Extra. However, is that also the best way to enjoy Corona Premier? Let’s find out.

The use of lime first broke out in the 80s when bartenders started rubbing bottlenecks and glass rims with lime wedges. Some even went further to sprinkle with salt. There have been several theories about why this practice broke out, but one has stood out.

Corona beers have a citrusy flavor, although the intensity of the flavor differs depending on the type. Many believe that bartenders added lime and salt to improve the taste of the beer. Adding lime and salt originally began with Corona Extra, and the lime and salt accentuated the flavor of the beer.

However, it’s a different story with Corona Premier, which has almost no flavor to start with, so there’s not much to boost. Also, I could argue that people who enjoy Corona Premier like their beers with minimal flavors, so adding lime kind of defeats that point. Nonetheless, if you still like your light beers to have a little bit of flavor, then lime could be a nice addition.

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy Corona Premier is refrigerated. This will put the beer in an even better position to achieve its goal as a refreshing beer.

What Do People Think of Corona Premier?

Corona Premier is one of the lightest beers on the market today. Let’s briefly look at how the beer is rated online. For that, we will examine the rating on five of the biggest beer review platforms.

PlatformCorona Premier
Average Score7.3

With a score over 7, this beer definitely falls into our upper echelon of beers. The first four platforms represent what older drinkers think of the beer. Usually, older drinkers prefer flavorful beers, so one would expect Corona Premier to perform horribly here as it has a nonexistent flavor profile. Surprisingly, it doesn’t.

In fact, it performs much better than many traditional and regular beers. Why is that? I believe it’s because the older drinkers know exactly what to expect in the beer: no flavor. No one drinks it or its flavor; rather, the beer’s refreshing feel. And it does that well.

One reviewer on RateBeer had this to say: “I would rate this higher than regular Corona. Aroma was corn syrupy. Pour was a typical light gold. Taste was artificial caramel flavor, light straw and water. None of the offensive skunkiness if regular Corona and less Corona flavor overall, which is a plus.”

The last platform is less experienced and shows what younger drinkers think of the beer. Corona Premier, as I expected, came out in flying colors here.


Corona Premier would be good for you if you like your beer with no flavor. But if you still want to feel at least a little flavor, you may need to get lime and salt to go with the beer. Or, better still, go for the more flavorful Corona brands.