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Modelo has for long been tagged “America’s fastest-growing beer.” The reason is not far-fetched. In 2017, 7.2 million barrels of the beer were shipped, a 17.4 percent rise from the preceding year. If you are a beer enthusiast, you probably already know all of Modelo’s fantastic taste profiles. But do you know where the beer was made? We have you covered with this short answer.

Modelo is brewed in Mexico and only in Mexico. Cervecería Modelo first produced the beer in Tacuba, Mexico City, 97 years ago. They currently produce the beer in eleven breweries across Hidalgo, Coahuila, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Zacatecas and Yucatán.

This answer provides a relevant description of the situation, but it lacks flesh. In this article, we will exhaustively examine where Modelo was first brewed and where it is brewed now. Also, we will consider the owner of the beer, its headquarters, and how production fared during the lockdown. Read on!

Me, just before taste-testing a Modelo Especial

Where Was Modelo Founded?

Modelo was first brewed in Tacuba, a section in the north-western part of Mexico City, Mexico. This was in 1925, the same year Cervecería Modelo first brewed Corona. When discussing the beer’s history, it is paramount to mention the influence of the German beers. The original brewmasters of the beer were German immigrants.

As with Corona, Cervecería Modelo faced an uphill battle when they launched the beer. This was because natives preferred their indigenous drink, Pulque. However, after clearing this hurdle, the beer grew rapidly in Mexico. Currently, many argue that it is the best beer in Mexico.

After production, Cervecería Modelo broke one of the most revered bottling rules by using a clear bottle rather than a colored one. Experts spoke against this move, claiming that sunlight will adversely impact the quality of the beer by reacting with some chemicals in the beer. However, the brewery was adamant and stuck with the clear bottle to show off the character of the beer. That bottle remains till today.

Where Is Modelo Brewed In Mexico?

Grupo Modelo started the Modelo journey in Mexico and has remained there. The company operates eleven breweries across Mexico. Additionally, they have ten factories in Mexico to assist in making beer containers, glasses, and even malting materials.

The breweries that produce Modelo in Mexico are located in Hidalgo, Coahuila, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Zacatecas and Yucatán. Read more here about what kind of beer Modelo Especial is and click here for Modelo Negra.

Grupo Modelo is fast expanding in Mexico. Only a few years ago, they had seven breweries. However, to keep up with the heavy demand for the beer globally, the company has needed to expand multiple times. And since Modelo is not the only significant and successful beer this company produces, the demand will only increase.

Where Is Modelo Brewed In The United States?

Modelo is not brewed in any location in the United States. That will definitely surprise many, but it’s true. The company has not seen the need to expand into the United States, despite the US being the largest consumer of their exports. This is probably to save costs and energy, as the beer can be easily moved into the United States since it shares a border with Mexico.

Still, many would expect Constellation Brands to bear some of the production burdens. For those that don’t know, due to the United States antitrust law, Constellation Brands has full import and marketing rights to all of the company’s beer business in the United States.

However, Constellation Brands still cannot brew Modelo in the United States. Notwithstanding, Constellation Brands has capable breweries in the United States if there’s ever any need to expand.

Similar to the United States, no brewery produces Modelo in the rest of the world. Again, Grupo Modelo will have no problem changing its policy, considering the beer company is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest beer company. As such, integrating Modelo into their brewing schedule would not be much of a bother.

Modelo Negra also doesn’t taste half bad

Who Owns Modelo Now?

If you had said Grupo Modelo, you wouldn’t be wrong. But you wouldn’t be entirely correct either. I’ll explain.

The original manufacturers of the beer went by the name Cervecería Modelo. However, there was a change of name to Grupo Modelo. For long, Grupo Modelo led the Mexican market in percentage shares and reserved the exclusive rights to Modelo. That changed in 2012, as AB InBev, the Belgian brewing giant, acquired Grupo Modelo for $20.1 billion.

In 2013, Constellation Brands acquired the US rights to Grupo Modelo due to the United States antitrust laws. For context, the antitrust law is a collection of laws regulating businesses’ conduct and organization, promoting competition, and preventing unjustified monopolies. The US Department of Justice referred to this law when AB InBev wanted to control Grupo Modelo completely.

As you can see, the ownership status of Modelo is complicated. However, in the United States, you can refer to Constellation Brands as the beer owner. Outside of the United States, the most accurate description of Modelo’s owner would be AB InBev-owned Grupo Modelo. But you can also say Grupo Modelo.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Modelo?

Grupo Modelo is solely based in Mexico. Their headquarters is at Javier Barros Sierra 555, 01210 Mexico City, Distrito Federal. You can reach them at +52 55 2266 0000.

For fairness, let’s consider the other two companies involved in Modelo’s ownership. The headquarters of Constellation Brands is in Victor, New York, United States. For AB In Bev, the headquarters is at Leuven, Belgium.

Where Was The Production Of Modelo During Lockdown?

For a period at the early stages of the coronavirus in Mexico, the government shut down non-essential services. This policy affected Modelo’s production, as the government considered it a non-essential activity. The company tried to fight back, claiming beer production fell under agriculture and food production, both considered essential services.

Eventually, the government lifted the ban after a few days of much pressure. During the ban, Grupo Modelo completely shut down all production. However, this did not affect the supply chain around the world, considering there was more than enough of the beer on the market.

Interestingly, there’s no indication the company wanted to brew in other countries during the ban. Many believe the company would have been forced to turn to some of the breweries of Constellation to meet up production in the United States if the ban had gone long enough. And I really wouldn’t be surprised if the company explores that option soon.