Though you are likely drinking Miller Lite because you enjoy the taste, sometimes you might find it’s a way of having a little extra fun. To enjoy yourself while safeguarding your limits, you’ll find all the information you need in this post.

Please note that for each of these calculations, we are using the average height and weight of American females and males. For males, this is 200 pounds and a height of 5’8. For females, the numbers are about 171 pounds and 5’3.

Eight to nine cans of Miller Lite (4.2% ABV, 12oz/330ml) will get the average American male drunk, assuming they take 30 mins to drink a can (0.085 – 0.095% BAC).  Five to six cans will get an average female drunk (0.080% – 0.095% BAC).

Please note that the alcohol level depends on several factors, including weight, hydration status, recent meals, kidney function, and much more. If you need an exact number, the best option would be to use a breathalyzer.

Additionally, we will use the 0.08% BAC as the maximum to be allowed to drive, as is the federal law. Make sure you are aware of the legal implications of drinking and driving in your state and your limits before getting behind the wheel.

Will this beer get you drunk? We’re guessing it can

When Are You Drunk?

We need to define these terms to determine if Miller Lite can get you tipsy or drunk. Generally, tipsy means you have reached a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC, for short) between 0.03 and 0.12. Surprisingly, this means with a federal limit of 0.08 BAC, you are allowed to drive home while being tipsy.

On the other hand, drunkenness is reached between a BAC of 0.09 and 0.25. As mentioned above, the exact number depends entirely on the person and how often they drink. Generally, around this time, you’ll have impaired vision and memory, as well as a (complete) loss of balance. You might also find yourself nauseous and drowsy.

We will use these numbers and the average weight mentioned above to determine if and how fast Miller Lite can get you drunk.

Can One Can Of Miller Lite Get You Drunk?

We’ll start with seeing how drunk one can of Miller Lite can make you. We will use two sizes to determine this: the standard 12 fl. oz and the larger 16 fl oz. Both versions have the same ABV: 4.2%. These percentages are to be expected from Light beer, which is exactly what Miller Lite is classified at. The 12 fl. oz cans have 96 calories, whereas the 16 fl. oz variety has 128 calories per can/bottle.

Miller Lite 12 fl oz. (4.2%)

By drinking one 12 fl oz. can, the average American male will raise their BAC to 0.018%. This is still very low, and the chance that this person feels anything alcohol-related is minuscule. If they do not drink any more alcohol, their BAC will reach 0 after 1.1 hours.

As the average weight of the American female is lower than that of males, their BAC will shoot up a little more. They will reach 0.025% BAC after one can. Though a little higher, it is still low, and it is unlikely this person will feel the effects. After 1.5 hours, their BAC will reach 0.

Miller Lite 16 fl oz. (4.2%)

With more alcohol also comes a higher BAC.

For the average male, this means their BAC goes up to 0.024% after one 16 fl. oz bottle of Miller lite, similar to that of a woman’s after 12 fl. oz. It will also take them a little longer to be completely sober again, about 1.4 hours, but they’re still legally allowed to drive.

Females, again, start higher. After one drink, they will reach 0.033 BAC. This means that they may be starting to feel tipsy. A person with 0.033 BAC might be a little more confident, talkative, and smiley. Still, they can legally drive and will be completely sober after 2 hours, granted they do not consume any more alcohol.

Can Three Cans Of Miller Lite Get You Drunk?

Whereas one can isn’t enough for most people to feel tipsy, let alone drunkenness, three cans will likely do the trick, especially if those three drinks are 16 fl. oz.

For calculation purposes, we are sticking with the average American male and female. We also assume it takes about 30 minutes to drink one 12 fl. oz can and 40 for a 16 fl. oz can. Therefore, it takes 1,5 hours to drink a standard-sized can and two hours for three larger-sized ones. Naturally, if you like to chug your beers or are a fast drinker, you will likely feel more of the effects.

Miller Lite 12 fl. oz (4.2%)

After drinking three cans of beer in 1.5 hours, the average American female will reach a BAC of 0.048%. As a person is likely to show signs of being tipsy between 0.03-0.12 BAC, it is quite possible that this person feels tipsy. It will take them about 4 hours to sober up completely, but they will be allowed to drive home at this BAC.

Although their BAC will be lower, males will likely start to feel the effects too, at 0.032% BAC after three cans. They will need about 3 hours to be sober again.

Miller Lite 16 fl oz. (4.2%)

If three 12 oz cans can make you tipsy, three cans will definitely make you feel the effects too.

The result would be 0.0042% BAC for males, which should be enough for them to be tipsy. They would feel more relaxed, joyous, and talkative at this point. After about four hours, the effects will have worn off, and they will be fully sober again.

For females, three cans of 16 fl. oz of Miller Lite will have them reach 0.064% BAC. Which is not enough to be drunk, but definitely enough to feel tipsy. It would take this person 5 hours to be sober. Luckily, they would still be legally allowed to drive home.

Can A Six Pack Of Miller Lite Get You Drunk?

So far, we’ve seen that Miller Lite could get you tipsy after drinking 1-3 cans. However, how much would you have to drink to feel drunk? Is a sixpack enough?

A sixpack of Miller Lite is generally enough to be drunk for women, but not men.

Miller Lite 12 fl. oz (4.2%)

A sixpack of Miller Lite will likely not get the average male drunk, as their BAC will be around 0.064%. This is enough to reach tipsiness, though. It will take them five additional hours to longer feel any effects from the beers and to be wholly sobered up.

For females, it’s a slightly different story. They will reach BAC 0.095% after 3 hours, meaning they will likely be drunk. For the BAC to drop below 0.08%, they would have to wait for an additional hour, a total of 4 hours after the first drink. They would have to wait for 7 hours after their final beer to be completely sober.

Again, these numbers are only an estimation for if you take 3 hours to drink a six-pack. If you are a faster or slower drinker, these numbers will change. For reference, an average male would have to drink the six-pack within an hour to reach 0.094% BAC and be drunk. Females would have to drink it within three hours and 15 minutes to pass the 0.09% threshold.

Miller Lite 16 fl oz. (4.2%)

Even a six-pack of 16 fl. oz would not be enough for the average male to reach the 0.09% BAC threshold. Their BAC would be around 0.085% after their final drink. However, if they wait 30 minutes, their BAC should drop enough to be allowed to drink again. A total of 6 hours are needed to sober up completely.

On the other hand, females would definitely be drunk after a six-pack. Their BAC would reach 0.13%. If they wanted to drive home, they would have to wait at least 2,5 hours in order to drop below the 0.08% that is the legal maximum. To sober up completely, a total of nine hours are needed.

If you want to get drunk, you must reach the 0.09% BAC threshold. A female can take 6 hours and 30 minutes to drink the six-pack of 16 fl. oz beers. Men would have to drink the same six-pack within three and a half hours.

As mentioned, these are just average numbers. The actual numbers change per person. Know your limits and drink responsibly.