If you want a little extra fun on a night out, you’re likely to add beer into the mix. To enjoy yourself while safeguarding your limits, you’ll find all the information you need on how drunk Coors Light can get you in this post.

We use the average weight for American males (200lbs) and females (171lbs) for each of these calculations. In short, this is everything you need to know;

Eight to nine cans of Coors Light (4.2% ABV, 12oz/330ml) will get the average American male drunk, assuming they take 30 mins to drink a can (0.085 – 0.095% BAC).  Five to six cans will get an average female drunk (0.080% – 0.095% BAC).

Please note that the exact BAC differs widely per person and depends on weight, hydration status, recent meals, kidney function, and much more. The best way to know your exact levels is by using a breathalyzer. 

Additionally, we will use the 0.08% BAC as the maximum to be allowed to drive, as is the federal law. Make sure you are aware of the legal implications of drinking and driving in your state and your limits before getting behind the wheel.

How can we write an article without tasting the beer? We can’t 🙂

When Are You Drunk?

The first thing we need to do to determine how drunk Coors Light can make you is seeing how we can define the terms “tipsy” and “drunk”.

Tipsy is generally defined as a Blood Alcohol Concentration (or BAC) between 0.03 and 0.12. This means that in most states, where the limit is 0.08 BAC, you are allowed to drive home while being tipsy.

To be drunk, we generally need a BAC between 0.09% and 0.25%. As you can see, there is some overlap between the maximum for tipsiness and the minimum for drunkenness. This is simply because the exact point a person is drunk or tipsy differs widely per person.

We will use these numbers and the average weight mentioned above to determine if, and how fast, Coors light can get you drunk.

Can One Can Of Coors Light Get You Drunk?

Let’s start with understanding how drunk one can of Coors Light can make you. With a percentage of 4.2%, the same as many other light beers, it is unlikely you will feel tipsy or drunk after drinking one 12 fl. oz can. This is the standard size, but if you’re drinking 16 fl. oz cans, you’ll likely get drunker, faster. You’ll find the exact BAC levels below.

Coors Light,  12 fl. Oz

One standard-sized can will result in a BAC of 0.018% for the average American male. This is very low, meaning it is unlikely you’ll feel any effects of drinking alcohol. After about an hour, this person’s BAC will reach 0 again, making them completely sober.

The average American female has a lower weight, so their BAC will start a little higher. One can will make their BAC reach 0.023%. Again, too low to feel any effects just yet. However, this person does need a little longer to go back down to zero, about 2 hours.  

Coors Light, 16 fl. oz

Simply put, by drinking more alcohol, you’ll also have a higher BAC. As a result, it is not surprising that a 16-ounce can make a woman tipsy. Although men’s BAC is also higher, it isn’t enough for them to be tipsy yet.

The average male’s BAC goes up to 0.024%. Only slightly higher compared to the 0.018% of the 12-ounce can. Consequently, the effects are the same too.

For females, however, the difference is a little more significant. After one drink, they will reach 0.033 BAC, compared to 0.0.23% after a 12-ounce can.  As they will have surpassed the 0.03% threshold to be tipsy, they may be starting to feel a little more confident and talkative.

If this is all this person drinks, it will take them about 2 hours to completely sober up again.

Can Three Cans Of Coors Light Get You Drunk?

Clearly, one standard-sized can is unlikely for anyone to feel tipsy, let alone drunk. However, three cans may impact you.

We are sticking with the average height and weights for both males and females for calculation purposes. We’ll also assume it takes about 30 minutes to drink one 12 fl. oz can. Therefore, drinking three cans will take 1,5 hours. For the 16 fl. oz cans, we’ll assume it takes about 40 minutes, meaning it takes 2 hours to drink three cans.

Coors light 12 fl. oz (4.2%)

As we now know, the average American female is likely starting to feel tipsy after 16 fl. oz of Coors Light. It is, therefore, unsurprising that 36 ounces, or three standard-sized cans, will also impact them.

In fact, they will reach a BAC of 0.048%. Well, past that initial threshold of 0.03%, this person is likely tipsy. Note that whether someone is tipsy entirely depends on the person. It is also quite possible that a woman does not feel tipsy after three cans.

For women with this BAC, it will take approximately 4 hours to sober up completely. There’s no need to call a taxi, though, as they are still legally allowed to drive. 

Men may feel the effects, too, with a BAC of about 0.032%. Although lower, they will still need about 3 hours to sober up again.

Coors light 16 fl oz. (4.2%)

So, three standard-sized cans can already make you feel tipsy. Consequently, three 16 fl. oz cans will likely make you feel the effects even more.

The result would be 0.0042% BAC for males, meaning they are likely to feel more joyous, talkative, and relaxed. It would take about 4 hours for the effects to wear off entirely and their BAC to reach 0 again. 

For females, three cans of 16 fl. oz of Coors light result in a BAC of 0.064%. This is not yet enough to be drunk, but very likely to make a person tipsy. 

Can A Six Pack Of Coors Light Get You Drunk?

Coors Light can get you tipsy after 1-3 cans depending on the size of the cans. However, it is not yet enough to be drunk. Let’s find out if a six pack is enough to surpass the 0.09% BAC threshold.

We are still using the same variables – average weights, 30 minutes to drink one 12 fl. oz can, and 40 for drinking a 16 fl. oz can. For a six-pack, this results in 3-4 hours of drinking.

Coors Light 12 fl. oz (4.2%)

Even a six-pack of standard-sized Coors Light is not enough to make the average American male drunk. Their BAC will be around 0.064%, enough to feel tipsy but not drunk. If this person stops drinking after this, it will take another 5 hours to be completely sober again. Note that these numbers are only accurate if you take three hours to drink six beers. For reference, if you were to drink the six-pack in an hour, males would reach a BAC of 0.094%, enough to be drunk.

For women, things are slightly different. Their BAC will already be 0.095% after 3 hours, meaning they will be drunk. If they still wanted to drive home that night, they’d have to way about an hour for their BAC to drop below 0.08%. Beware that this is only an estimate, and the actual numbers are likely to vary. We strongly advise against driving home after a night of drinking.

This will do the trick

Coors Light 16 fl oz. (4.2%)

The last amount we’ll look at is a six-pack 16 fl. oz. Again, this would not be enough to get the average American male drunk, although they would get very close with a BAC of 0.085%. A total of 6 hours are needed to sober up completely.

As a six-pack of 12 fl. oz cans was already enough for women to be drunk, you’re surely not surprised to hear that a six-pack of 16 fl. oz will also make them drunk. In fact, their BAC would reach 0.13%. At this point, this person is likely starting to feel the adverse side effects of drinking, making them nauseous and potentially vomiting. To sober up completely, they would need a total of 9 hours.