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Though you might choose to drink Busch Light simply because you enjoy the taste, it is also entirely possible you are using it as a way of having a little extra fun at a party. In order for you to be able to enjoy yourself whilst also protecting your limits, you will find all the needed information in this post.

For every one of the below calculations, we are using the average weight of both American males and females. For males, this is 200 pounds; for females this is about 171 pounds. As males have a higher average weight, they are less likely to get drunk from the same amount of alcohol as women. In short, here’s what you need to know;

Nine to ten cans of Busch Light (4.1% ABV, 12oz/330ml) will get the average American male drunk, assuming they take 30 mins to drink a can (0.091%  – 0.1%BAC).  Six to seven cans will get an average female drunk (0.092% – 0.11% BAC).

As both the normal Busch Light and Busch Light Apple have the same ABV of 4.1%, the results will be the same.

Although weight plays an important role in how quickly you get drunk, the exact number depends on several other variables too, such as kidney function, whether or not you’ve eaten or drank any water recently, your kidney function and much more. As a result, do not assume the calculations below are an absolute truth. If you are looking for an exact number, the best option would be to use a breathalyzer.

The last thing to note is that we use 0.08% as the maximum BAC to legally drive, as this is federal law. However, we do recommend you make sure you are aware of the legal implication of drinking and driving in your state, as well as your own personal limits, before you make the decision to drive.

When Are You Drunk?

We’ll first quickly discuss what it means to be tipsy and drunk. Overall, when we use the word tipsy we mean a person with a Blood Alcohol Concentration, also known as BAC, between 0.03 and 0.12%. This might be a little surprising as it means you are still legally allowed to drive home even though you are already impaired.

On the other hand, we refer to a person as drunk when they have a BAC between 0.09 and 0.25. As mentioned, the precise number depends on a number of physical aspects, as well as how often a person drinks.  

We will use these numbers as well as the average weight mentioned above, to determine if, and how fast, Busch Light can get you drunk.

Keep in mind that Busch Light is a light American lager, meaning it has a lower ABV than ‘standard’ beer. If you’re interested in knowing more about this type of beer, and why Busch Light is categorized as such, read this post: What Kind Of Beer Is Busch Light? (Explained)

Can One Can Of Busch Light Get You Drunk?

Let’s start with having a look at how drunk one can of Busch Light can make you. In order to do this, we will compare two different sizes; the standard 12 fl. oz and the larger 16 fl. oz. Both have the same ABV of 4.1%, but the 12 fl. oz contains 95 calories, whereas the 16 fl. oz has 127 calories.

Busch Light 12 fl. oz (4.1%)

By drinking only one standard sized can of Busch Light neither males nor females would be drunk. For females, their BAC would be raised to about 0.015%, which is so low they probably don’t feel any results of drinking just yet. If this is all they drink, it would take this person about 2 hours to be completely sober again.

For men, having a higher average weight also means they are less quickly affected by alcohol. For them, one 12 fl. oz can of beer would be enough to raise their BAC to 0.01%. Again, low enough to feel like you haven’t drunk any alcohol. If this is when they stop drinking, it will take them an hour to reach a BAC of 0% again.

Busch Light 16 fl. oz (4.1%)

Now, with more alcohol naturally also comes a higher BAC. However, as you’re drinking a beer with a low ABV, even for light beers, it is unlikely to make you feel even tipsy.

For men, their BAC is only 0.004% higher than I would be after drinking a standard sized can – they would reach 0.014% after one 16 fl. oz can. For women, the BAC would be around 0.02%, which is still only slightly higher than what it would be after a 12 fl. oz can.

Neither person will feel the results of drinking just yet, although this is likely to change after drinking 3 cans.

Can Three Cans Of Busch Light Get You Drunk?

Next, let’s see how drunk three cans of Busch Light can make you.

For both males and female, three cans of Busch light is not enough to make them drunk, but might be enough to start seeing signs of tipsiness – think of mild euphoria, talkativeness and generally being more joyous.

Below you’ll find the exact numbers. In order to calculate this, we’ll continue to use the same average weights for both male and female, but we’ll also assume it takes 30 minutes to drink one standard sized 12 fl. oz can. For the larger, 16 fl. oz can, we will take 40 minutes as the average time. As a result, it takes 1,5 hours to drink a standard sized can, and 2 hours for the larger version. Keep in mind, that if you are a faster or slower drinker, this will significantly affect your BAC.

Busch Light 12 fl. oz (4.1%)

Even three standard sized cans of Busch Light are unlikely to get you drunk. However, it is definitely possible to you are starting to feel a little tipsy. Both the average American male and female would pass the 0.03% threshold, albeit only slightly for men, needed to feel tipsy.

For men, they will hit the mark exactly, at 0.03% BAC. Now, there is a range in which people will start to feel tipsy. Yes, it starts at 0.03, but it also ends at 0.12%. As a result, it is entirely possible that this person still feels completely normal. Either way, if this person only drink 3 cans of Busch Light and then stops drinking, it would take them about 3 hours to be completely sober again.

For women it is a little more likely that they are starting to feel tipsy, with a BAC of 0.046%. If they were to call it a night after these 3 drinks, they would still need 4 hours to be entirely sober again. Luckily, at this BAC, they are still legally allowed to drive themselves home.

Busch Light 16 fl. oz (4.1%)

Again, more alcohol means a higher BAC. After drinking 3 larger sized cans of Busch Light in 2 hours, most women will probably feel the effects. This person will have a BAC of around 0.061%, which means they are highly talkative, a little more blunt, and have a reduced sensitivity to pain. Their body would need about 5 hours to come back to a BAC of 0% again.

For men, they would probably feel little tipsy too, with a BAC of 0.041%, and would need about 3 hours to be entirely sober again.

Can A Sixpack Of Busch Light Get You Drunk?

Lastly, we need to see what the effects are of drinking an entire sixpack of Busch Light.

As we now know, three cans of either sized can, can make you tipsy. However, an entire sixpack should be enough for the average female to be drunk. For males, they will probably need a few more.

Again, for calculation purposes, we are sticking with the two sizes, average weights and 30-40 minutes to drink a can. For the 12 fl. oz cans, this leaves us an average of 3 hours to drink an entire six pack. When you’re drinking the 16 fl. oz cans, we’ll assume it takes you about 4 hours.

Busch Light 12 fl. oz (4.1%)

So, one can probably won’t make you feel any different than you did before you started drinking, and 3 cans might make you feel a little tipsy. For women, an entire six pack of Busch Light, drank within about 3 hours, will raise their BAC to about 0.092%, meaning this might just be enough for them to be drunk. However, as the range for drunkenness is between 0.09 and 0.25%, they could also still feel very tipsy.

Either way, this person is not allowed to drive anymore. In fact, their body needs about 1-2 hours to lower their BAC to below the 0.08% maximum to legally drive. As always though, we do not recommend that you base this decision on an average calculation. We highly recommend taking a taxi after you’ve been drinking, to ensure that you get home safely.

For men it’s a slightly different story. Even a six pack of 12 fl. oz of Busch Light will not make them drunk. With a BAC of 0.061%, they’ll likely feel tipsy, but they’d need a few more to be drunk. Keep in mind that this calculation is based on averages and that if you are a faster/slower drinker, this number is likely to go up or down.

Busch Light 16 fl. oz (4.1%)

Let’s also see what the effects are of drinking a sixpack of 16 fl. oz of Busch Light.

Again, men probably won’t be drunk after this, as their BAC will ‘only’  be 0.081%. This is however past the maximum of 0.08% to be legally allowed to drive, so this person would probably have to wait 1-2 hours to do so.  

For women, it is highly likely they are drunk at this point, with an estimated BAC of 0.12%. With a BAC this high, this person is probably no longer just joyous and talkative, but instead is starting to exhibit over-expression and potentially even experience nausea and vomiting. If they were to stop drinking at this point, it will take their body around 9 hours to be entirely sober again.