Launched in 1913, Shiner Bock has had plenty of time to grow a loyal fanbase. However, as it is brewed by a relatively small, independent brewery, it can only be found in Texas.  So, if you don’t live there, or you’re looking to branch out a little, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, you’ll find 10 beers similar to Shiner Bock, some with the same flavors and some with some added or different flavor notes, if you’re ready to experiment a little. Apart from the flavor, we’ll also have a look at the ABV, IBUs, calories, and more. 

What Does Shiner Bock Taste Like?

Shiner Bock is brewed in Shiner Texas, hence the name, and has notes of caramel, along with some dark fruit and some hop bitterness. 

Keep in mind that the fact that this is an American dark lager means it is darker in color and a little stronger in taste than regular lagers.

Shiner Bock has an ABV of 4.4%, 13 IBUs and 142 calories per 12 fl. oz. 

Although it was originally a seasonal beer, it is now available year-round and has won multiple awards, including gold at the 2020 European Beer Star Awards and Silver at both the 2018 and 2019 Australian International beer awards. 

Now, let’s have a look at some comparable beers. 

1. Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager is an amber lager known not only for its distinct color but also for the stronger malt and hops flavor in comparison to other American lagers. This beer is medium-bodied and, because of its stronger flavors, a great replacement for Yuengling. 

Apart from its malty and hoppy flavor, you’ll also find there is a slight caramel aroma and sweetness to this beer. That’s the biggest difference between Shiner and Yuengling; the latter is a little sweeter. Still, they are very similar. 

Though the exact ingredients aren’t known to the public, Yuengling does mention that they use caramel malts, cascade and cluster hops, and corn grits in this beer. 

Additionally, the Traditional Lager has 128 calories per 12 fl. oz, an ABV of 4.5%, and 12 IBUs. 

2. Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo is a beer brewed in Mexico but is German in style. It’s a Munich Dunkel Lagers, which is generally very malty with a deep, complex flavor, making it similar to Shiner Bock. It is a very rich copper color, with a bready smell. You’ll also taste some caramel and fruit notes.
It is brewed with water, barley malt, hops, and non-malted cereals. 

Negra Modelo is a great beer to drink instead of Shiner Bock, especially if you are not a fan of Yuengling’s sweetness. 

It is, however, higher in numbers. This beer has an ABV of 5.4%, 19 IBUs, and 173 calories per 12 fl. oz (355ml). 

3. Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Warsteiner Premium Dunkel is a Munich Dunkel style beer, brewed by the Warsteiner Brauerei in Germany. Made with roasted and unroasted barley malts, hops, and hops extract, this a a very flavorful dark beer. It has a roasty aroma with a hint of coffee and a dry finish. Some drinkers also find it has notes of dark chocolate and nuts. 

In terms of numbers, this beer has an ABV of 4.8%, similar to Shiner Bock. It also has 150 calories per bottle, which is abouto 11 fl. oz, and 28 IBUs. 

4. Bohemia Obscura

The next beer on our list is a Vienna lager which is more hoppy and drier than other American lagers. It is also stronger and more complex in flavor. For this beer, you’ll find it has a bitter taste, a light smell and flavor notes of caramel, bread and even some apple. These flavor notes are the result of the roasted malt, as well as the Stryan hops imported from the Czech republic. 

If you’ve tried Negra Modelo, this beer is relatively similar, except it isn’t as bold in flavor. This beer is generally easier to drink, partially because it has a hint of sweetness. 

This beer is also a little higher in ABV, it has 4.9%. However, it has 14 IBUs, which is only 1 more than Shiner Bock. It has 168 calories per 12 fl. oz (355 ml). 

5. Thomas Creek Appalachian Amber

Thomas Creek Appalachian Amber is, as the name suggests, an amber lager. It is brewed in Greenville, SC, and actually has a similar flavor profile to Yuengling’s Traditional Lager, making it a great replacement for Shiner Bock. This beer, however, has a less grainy aftertaste. 

Even though this beer has a high ABV of 6.8%, it is surprisingly smooth. There are 210 calories in this beer, and it has 39 IBUs, both significantly higher than Shiner Bock but worth a try if you’re looking for something a little different. 

If you’re not convinced to try this lager yet, it has won multiple awards, including silver in the 2008 and gold in the 2006 Carolinas Championship of Beers. 

6. Brooklyn Lager

The reason that Brooklyn is on our list for replacements for Shiner Bock, is the fact that it is a dry-hopped amber lager. With dry hopping, the hops are added well after fermentation has already begun. This means more of the oils and flavor are preserved, leaving the beer with a more hoppy flavor without making it bitter. Still, this beer has 33 IBUs.
It also has additional notes of florals, pine, and grapefruit. 

In terms of smell, you’ll find Brooklyn Lager has toffee, caramel, and toast aromas. 

Overall, this is a relatively easy-to-drink beer, with an ABV you would expect from an amber lager; 5.4%. Besides, it was the gold medal winner in the category of Amber Lager at the 2018 World Beer Cup, making it worth a try. 

7. Great Lakes Elliot Ness

Next on our list is another gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships. 

Great Lakes offers an Amber Lager with the roasty notes of caramel that you would expect, but also added molasses and dark fruit. As a result, it is a more sweet beer, but it still has a nice bitterness, which is also reflected in the 27 IBUs.
It has a crisp finish as the result of the noble hops used. Although this is a lager, it is definitely a full flavored one. 

Although the ABV of this lager is relatively high, 6.1%, it is still surprisingly smooth. Per 12 fl. oz, this lager has 194 calories, which is slightly higher than Shiner Bock. 

8. Sam Adams Boston Lager

Sam Adams Boston Lager is another Vienna lager, which means this beer is hoppier and drier than regular lagers. In fact, the Boston Lager is even hoppier than most Vienna Lagers. 

Founded by Jim Koch, this brewery is named after founding father and brewer Samuel Adams. Though they offer a variety of beers, this is their flagship. 

It is a full bodied and well-balanced beer with a relatively complex taste. They use two-row pale malts and caramel 60 malts to achieve the amber color, as well as the toasty, caramel flavor notes. The hops used are Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Tettnang Tettnanger Noble Hops, which are hand selected and imported from Bavaria. 

In terms of numbers, this beer has an ABV of 5%, 30 IBUs and 170 calories per 12 fl. oz, which are all (slightly) higher than Shiner Bock. 

9. Heavy Seas Cutlass

Next up is a heavily awarded beer, as it twon gold, silver and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival from 2006 to 2010. Brewed in Maryland, Cutlass was intially only a seasonal beer, but ended up being so popular that it is now offered year-round. In fact, Cutlass is their second best-selling beer. 

This amber lager has a biscuity flavor, as expected from the style, but also adds a slight sweetness, making it a lager that is easy to drink. This sweetness comes from the Crystal malts used, but they also use a Vienna malt to add smoothness. The Munich malts proved the color. In terms of hops,  Heavy Seas uses Tettnang for Cutlass, giving it an earthiness. 

Heavy Seas Cutlass has an ABV of 5.4%, again higher than Shiner Bock. It also has 16 IBUs and 173 calories per 12 fl. oz. 

10. Ballast Point Calico

The last beer on this list is Ballast Point Calico, which has won a staggering 39 awards ever since it was first introduced in 1996. Formerly known as Calico Copper Amber Ale, this is another Amberican amber lager, brewed in California. 

This beer has a bold and more complex flavor, which is also reflected in its IBUs: it has 51. It uses four types of malts and American hops, resulting in a red beer with notes of caramel and citrus. The flavor is quite hoppy, but this is not overpowering. It also has a relatively bitter aftertaste. 

The ABV for this beer is 5.5%.